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Product Presales

Participate in presales for a chance to gain upside in future product success in the form of Product Revenue Tokens (PRTs)! Deposit to a presale and earn PRTs if the target threshold is met. For successful products, PRTs can be staked* to receive a share of product revenue.

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Presale closed, target met

The Index Coop High Yield ETH Index (hyETH) tracks high-yield opportunities for ETH on Ethereum mainnet.

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Components from Pendle, Instadapp, Across

Total PRT Rewards
3,000 / 10,000 PRTs
Target Threshold
500 wstETH
Total Deposits
0.00 wstETH
Token launch date
June 10th, 2024

*Product-specific PRT staking will be made available in the Index Coop app; staking will not be available to Restricted Persons (including US Persons) as defined here. More information on PRT distribution and staking will be published when a successful presale product is formally launched.


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